Being Guided by God

God as our guide sounds beautiful. God telling us what to do can be frustrating, yet, they are both the same idea. We know we want God to guide us, but are we willing to make the changes that He asks in our lives?

Sometimes the guidance of the Lord is subtle and we aren’t even aware until things fall into place. Sometimes, however, the Lord is asking us to do something at odds with our natural way of doing things. While the first way is easier, they are both from  the Lord.

Being guided means having the way you should go pointed out. If you take a guide with you on a trail, they show you the path. If you don’t listen to them, you might end up lost, or at the very least, not getting where you meant to go. God’s guidance is the same way. He shows us the path, and we have to choose to take it.

His prompting can come in so many ways: from conviction of sin, to an idea to help someone else, or to the inspiration to pursue an idea, just to name a few. As we learn to sense Him more and understand what He’s guiding us to do, we must then choose to change our course to include that guidance.

Our natural self fights the guidance of the Lord because we want to be the one at the helm. Our need for control runs deep and we often find ourselves at odds with the Holy Spirit over life choices.

God as our guide means He is the one who chooses the path we are on. If we hear His advice and then choose our own way, we are not being guided by Him. Saying you want the Lord to guide you means that you must also be willing to do what He says, even if it isn’t anything like  you thought it would be.

God is a good god. He wants the best for His children and knows how to give them good gifts. His advice and commands are good and bring us to a fuller life in Him. Our willingness to listen and obey Him is how we partner with Him to bring  freedom and blessings in our lives.

What Is God?

As suburban American living on the edge of the Bible belt, I find the idea of God so communal that it often goes without deep evaluation. I don’t often take time to think about the basic essence of what God is, but sometimes reviewing our beliefs can be a refreshing way to focus on God.

God Is a Spirit

The Bible says in John 4:24 that God is spirit. God, while he created humanity, is outside of humanity. This doesn’t mean entirely separate from humanity, however, as we are connected to Him. We are flesh, something God became when Jesus came to earth (John 1:14), but we are also spirit and we can connect with Him in that way. Romans 8:16 talks about God’s spirit “bearing witness” that we are His children, or, said another way, God’s spirit is sharing with our spirit to convince us of His truth about us.

God Is a Voice

The idea of God speaking to us today is a bit of a contentious point. Some people teach that there is no way to hear the Lord except through His Word. I do not see this as true or scriptural. God says over and over in His word that He will speak with us, that we have the mind of Christ, even (Isaiah 30:21, 1 Corinthians 2:16).

In addition to God speaking to our heart and mind, God also speaks to us through His Word. It is the standard for all other teachings that we receive and it is the guide for us in this crazy world of too many words. Just because it is the standard bearer for our listening doesn’t mean that God will not speak to your heart to help you understand.

Listening for the Lord is important. Our ability to listen and connect is the power source for our relationship with the Lord. You can have all the pieces for a computer, but unless the power is turned on, it doesn’t help you much. God wants to connect with you and teach you through His Spirit, but you must be listening and willing to hear.

God Is an Emotional Connection/Support

The Bible says that the Holy Spirit is the part of God that guides, comforts, and teaches us (John 14:26). We have God with us at all times to give us the knowledge and comfort that we need to make it through our day. People can be up and down, available one day and disappearing the next. God, however, is always there and willing to help us as we emotionally and mental go through our lives.

It is easy to get caught up the “God-ness” of our religious rituals or our buildings. But God is not defined by the external aspects of our Christianity. He is a very real presence and being aware of Him is vital for our personal Christian walk. Being aware of what God is can remind us of how we connect with Him and how important it is to take time to refresh our awareness of Him.