Clarity of Vision

Our culture often tells us to dream big and have great ideas for how life could be. It is true that a vision for our life is vital, because it shapes so much about our choices. However, the influence of those goals is so profound that we need to be sure that the dreams we are building choices around are the best ones for our future.

If we believe the world’s ideas, we should be trying to build the best possible life for ourselves based on luxury and entertainment. That kind of selfish outlook, however, will not bring satisfaction or a closer walk with God. We need to be talking with God about our dreams and goals and building a vision for our life that accomplishes His will for us..

Our ultimate goal is always to know God. The Bible says that’s what eternal life is: knowing God. (John 17:3) All other things in our life should revolve around that one. Knowing Him.

After that, the vision for our life is very individualized between us and God. Each one of us needs to go before the Lord and talk about what God is doing in our life. This may not be a daily thing; maybe it’s only once a year. However, without some time spent with the Lord, clarifying His plans and ideas for you, you are missing out on directed time with Him.

When we clarify our vision with Him, we can find a beautiful purpose that energizes us. God knows us and planned good works for us to do. If we take the time to plan with Him about our work, we will find ourselves given  work that is made for our gifts and talents. It will be work that energizes us and fills us with a sense of accomplishment.

At least on good days it will – on bad days, it might be difficult. But if we have a vision, we know that what we’re working through has a purpose. It’s a part of something bigger, even if that bigger thing is as high level as knowing God; it will have a purpose. Knowing that might not make the work easier or the drudgery less boring, but it will give you a focus and a reason to keep on when others might give up.

God’s purpose for you is real and valid. Each of us has a purpose and we can walk in it daily, hand in hand with the Lord.

Knowing God Is Eternal Life - John 17:3

An Introduction to the Father

All things have been handed over to me by my Father, and no one knows the Son except the Father, and no one knows the Father except the Son and anyone to whom the Son chooses to reveal him. – Matthew 11:27 ESV

We who have a relationship with God probably don’t think too often about Jesus’ choice in our salvation process. Jesus did have a choice, and he chose (and chooses) to open a way for us to the Father.

Having a Father in heaving is wonderful amazing blessing for this life and a hope-filled promise for the next life. We have a powerful person (for lack of a better word) on high who is on our side and working for us. He made us (Psalm 139:13), planned our days (Psalm 139:16), he guides our very steps (Isaiah 30:21), and he knows how to give us good things (Matthew 7:11). This is the father we have and can learn to know better and better.

But how do we know him? Jesus’ blood that was shed on the cross didn’t just wipe away the sins on our heavenly record. It did do that, but it did so much more. Jesus’ dying on the cross took the separation that was between us and God because of those sins, and he brought us into the presence of the Father.

I imagine a scene where there’s a brightly lit courtroom full of happy people, very much like the ballroom scene in the children’s story, Cinderella. Instead of two people meeting and falling in love, there’s me and Jesus and Jesus has loved me for a long time and is so happy that now we finally get to spend some time together. Not only that, but He wants to introduce me to someone: His Father. No one gets to meet His Father unless He decides to introduce them. I image that we’d walk into the ballroom and every eye is trained on us. A path clears between us and the dais of the king, where the King of Glory sits. I walking up to his throne and, full of the freedom that comes from knowing Jesus, I smile and say, “I’m so glad to meet you. If it’s ok with you, I’d like to spend the rest of my days and all my eternity getting to know you better.” And, because He loves me, He laughs and hugs me.

Ok, so that’s not probably not very realistic, but I love the imagery anyway. And I love the reminder that Jesus is the reason that I can know God and spend every day with Him. Eternal life, here I come!

And this is eternal life, that they know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent. – John 17:3 ESV