God Finds Joy in Doing Good - Jeremiah 32:41

God Finds Joy in Doing Good for Us

I will find joy doing good for them and will faithfully and wholeheartedly replant them in this land. – Jeremiah 32:41 NLT

I will find joy doing good for them and will faithfully and wholeheartedly replant them in this land.

I love places in the scripture where we see the joy and love that God has for us. It’s so easy to get caught up in “being good” or theological truths and miss the personality that is behind it all. In Jeremiah 32:41 God tell us that he finds joy in doing good. Chastisement comes because He loves us (Proverbs 3:11-12) and wants us to understand how to be more like Him (Hebrews 12:6). What He finds joy in, though, is doing good for us.

Now that I have a daughter, I can relate to the Father/Children dynamic and a different way. I understood it before, but now I can feel and experience the parent role instead of just the child role. I love doing good things for my baby girl! I also love seeing the result of her learning to make the right choices. At 20 months old the looks like listening to mommy when I tell her not to eat the crayons (or all the other many things she tries to chew through). In the times when I’m having to discipline, I don’t feel the warm fuzzies, but I do feel good knowing I’m keeping her best in mind. Then, when I see her choose to make the right choice (starting to put the crayon in her mouth and stop before it gets there. Hey, it happened once…), I feel so good about having done the right thing for her. On top of that kind of feeling good, I love to give her things that she likes and are good for her. So much feeling good (assuming we all have had our nap… 😀 )

I can also take this and see how the Lord is doing good things for me. I would love to see that He gives me anything I want as soon as I want it, but that’s not truly giving me good things. He finds joy in making sure I’m getting the best possible things, including discipline. When something happens that I’m not excited about, I can still say, “Thank you Lord for this, because I know you find joy in giving me good things. I hope someday I can understand it more, but for now, I’ll just say thanks and know that I can trust you.”

That feels good!

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