Fresh Air, Part 4 – Sermon Notes

[These are notes from a sermon given at Church of the Four Corners in Independence, MO by Craig Kackley. To listen to the message, go here.]

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is talked about in many ways, taught in many ways and possibly even mis-taught in some cases. This teaching is to help get some clarity on the teaching of the Spirit.

The King James Version translated it as Ghost, but that’s a poor translation. It’s not a ghost and not really even a Spirit. The original Hebrew world means a wind, a breath, a violent exhalation, a blast of breath. The first use of this is in Genesis 1:2.

The Greek work means a current of air, blast of breath. John 6:63, the Spirit gives life, the flesh counts for nothing.
Trying to describe the Holy Spirit is like trying to describe the wind to someone who has never been outside. Using this analogy, we can learn about the Holy Spirit

1. Wind is unseen. Our faith allows us to experience what is outside the natural world.

2. Wind is unpredictable. For proof, how often are meterologist just wrong? John 3:8.

3. Wind is powerful. Think: tornadoes. We serve a God who longs to pour out His power on all people.

Million dollar question: How can I get to know the person of the Holy Spirit? (Not It. He.)

1. Let go of fears and misperceptions. Most of us have unfortunately had experiences that were not aligned with the Holy Spirit. Just because someone abuses something doesn’t mean that the whole thing is bad. It simply means that person didn’t truly know the Lord.  Psalm 45:4

2. Begin to develop an intimate fellowship with Him. 2 Corinthians 13:14 – the intimate friendship of the Holy Spirit be with all of you. Jesus left the earth because He knew that it would allow each of us to walk in it. Isaiah 30:21.

This looks like many things in different people’s lives. It can be anything from discernment to audacious faith to miracles to knowledge.

The way we begin this process is to simply ask for it.

Romans 8:11 – life to our mortal bodies because of God living in us.

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