Fresh Air, Part 3 – Sermon Notes

[These are notes from a sermon given at Church of the Four Corners in Independence, MO, by Craig Kackley. The message can be viewed here.]

Deuteronomy 30:19 – Choose Life

Controlling the pace of life

None of the things we spend our time on in this life matter at the end of our dsays. When we don’t controlled the pace of life, we open ourselves up to negative consequences.

1. The risk of sinful choices increases. We often make sinful choices is when we’re spiritually or emotionally exhausted. We’re often open to discouragement. One bit of advice is to HALT. Don’t make a decision when you’re hungry, angry, lonley, or tired.


2. I am less productive. When our pace gets off, we feel like we just need to do one more thing, but we don’t realize that we’re chopping ood with a dull axe. Proverbs 19:2. It’s not doing more that leads to productivity, it’s health.

3. It leaves me feeling empty inside. Always seeking more, wanting promotions or seeking material status.

Psalm 39:6

Burnout isn’t caused by too much activity, it’s caused by doing too much activity with too little purpose. God has created us to do more than seek after stays or wealth.

4. I can’t hear God. James 1:5-8 if you need to know what God wants you to do ,ask Him. He is always ready to give a bountiful supply of wisdom when you ask. BUT, be sure when you ask, that you really expect him to answer. We can’t live stressed out and overworked and expect to hear God

To Be Refreshed

1. Stop this constant push for more. Our culture says more us better, but it’s just not true. We show our belief on this by how we spend our money and how we schedule our time. Ecclesiastes 4:6 – peace of mind is the best. We are the gatekeeper of our lives. No one else is going to fight for our margins but is.

2. Keep the Sabbath day holy. This is tightly entwined with stopping the push for more. Exodus 20:9-10 seventh day is for rest. Going to church is not fulfilling the Sabbath. It’s a part of it, not all of it. It’s a whole day and not a Sabbath hour. It starts with worshipping God, and then it’s about finding a way to allow your soul to recharge. We feel guilty because there’s so much to be done, but that guit doesn’t come from the Bible. Don’t let our culture override the can man’s of the Bible. Rest.

3. Stay close to Jesus. Matthew 11:28-30, Come to Jesus all who are weary, angry He will give you rest.

How different would you life look if you stopped this constant push for more?


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