Beyond Today

Our world is so big. People are all over this earth, living lives, being loved, being hurt; each one a small light. There is pain and there is loss, but there is also growth and rebirth. As we look at our lives and the lives of others, we can celebrate the coming goodness, even when the pain of now feels overwhelming.

Loss is a heavy burden. Not just the loss of loved ones or things, but the loss of trust or the loss of hope. We feel surrounded by the emptiness of what we used to have. The pain of it continues to stay alive and runs over us unexpectedly. Even in that loss, though, there is hope. There is hope for a new beginning – for a rebirth. There is hope for something good to come out of tragedy.

Loss ends when there is nothing left to be taken. Rebirth begins when there is nothing left to be taken. That dark moment, the one where we feel dragged down to the point of feeling hopeless, is the same moment that we are able to finally lift our head and look for something new. We finally have let go of everything- maybe not by choice, but because our hands are empty now.

Then, small as it might seem, something new begins. Small, tiny changes that grow and build and finally create something wholly new that envelops us. We finally can breathe again, because the darkness is at bay and the light of day is pouring in. There is still memory of the pain, and signs of the loss, but the day, today, is filled with life again.

When today feels overwhelming and our troubles seem to strangle  any rays of hope, we must look beyond this day’s heaviness and pain. We must trust in the future hope of God and the plan He builds in our lives. He is good and His plans are for good, even when they don’ t feel good. Our tomorrows will be filled with new life because He is the God of life.

Do not let discouragement steal the joy of the future. Prayer (conversing with God) is a powerful way to ground us in Him. Trust Him, talk to Him, and believe in Him. Beyond today, there is hope and there is change.

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